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A Reason for Further Investigation When Your Injured Iowa Employee Requests a Hasty Full Duty Release

On November 25, 2015, the Iowa Court of Appeals issued a decision in Carl A. Nelson & Co. and Zurich North American Ins. Co. v. Sloan, No. 15-0323, 2015 WL 7574232 (Iowa Ct. App. Nov. 25, 2015). Sloan sustained a work-related back strain injury on August 15, 2011 and was released to full-duty work 9 […]

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Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Refresher: Calculating Average Weekly Wage for Indemnity Benefits Purposes

As many employers know, a big part of analyzing their exposure to a particular work-related accident is determining how much the employer will have to pay in weekly disability benefits. This amount, or rate, is determined by the injured employee’s average weekly wage (“AWW”). The following outlines the general law regarding how AWW is calculated […]

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